Yes - all content in Zeetings can be reordered and deleted once uploaded and/or created in Zeetings.

Copying, deleting and re-ordering content in Zeetings starts with selecting the checkbox on the particular item of content's thumbnail:

Once you've selected one or more item of content, you'll notice Copy, Move and Delete buttons appear on the top right-hand side of the screen. Simply select the relevant option:


Copied content will automatically appear. Note, if you copy a poll or survey, any responses already provided will not be copied (ie. the copy will start on nil responses).


If you delete one or more items of content, you will a notification confirming the deletion and giving you the chance to undo it:


After selecting "Move" you will see the option to input a slide number. Any items of content you have selected, will be move to the position immediately before the number you enter:

Another way to move slides is to just drag and drop. Simply choose the slide, hold down and move it into order. 

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