When presenting with Zeetings, your audience get actively involved so the first step is getting them connected. 

When you create your Zeetings account, you choose a presentation URL - we call this your "channel". Usually people use their name or the name of their organisation for their channel, something like zeetings.com/mary or zeetings.com/acmetrading

Just like a tv channel, your channel can be ON AIR or OFF AIR. 

When you're not presenting, your channel is OFF AIR. If anyone happens to go to your URL when you're OFF AIR, all they will see is a holding pattern and a message letting them know you're not currently presenting.

When you click "Start Presenting", your channel goes ON AIR and your participants can join in by simply typing your channel URL into their browser. They can use a smartphone, tablet or laptop and there's nothing they need to download or install - they just go to the link and they see the current slide you're presenting.  

As you move through your presentation, your participants will automatically be kept in sync - each time you move to the next slide, their device will automatically move too. When you get to a poll or other item of interactive content, your participants will be able to respond directly from their own device. 

During your presentations your participants can also take advantage of "Activity" to post questions and comments, "People" to meet each other and "Notes" to take private notes about everything they learn.

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