Zeetings has been built from the ground up to support the needs of enterprises and educators. First and foremost of these needs is Security. At Zeetings it is understood that many presentation are ‘corporate confidential’. This implies that users of the Zeetings system must meet the data security and data leakage policies of their organisations.

Security of the Zeetings system is provided through physical security (the protection of physical components of the system) and content security (secure storage customer content and its access over the physical environment). In addition, Zeetings has developed a suite of standardised processes and procedures for Zeetings staff to follow to ensure a highly secure system. Zeetings routinely conducts compliance checking to ensure that security standards are being maintained. By providing specialised security services Zeetings provides an organisation with a trusted partner who can handle the storage of sensitive information.

More information is available from Zeetings security staff. If you require more information please provide your email, company, job title, and telephone number to [email protected].

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