You can edit polls but one important thing to note is that if voting has already begun, you can't make edits to the question or answer of the particular poll. This restriction is in place to maintain the accuracy of your poll. You are able to edit the background colour and display options of your polls at any time. There are two ways to edit a poll:

1. Go to the thumbIn the thumbnail view of your zeeting. You'll unsurprisingly see a thumbnail of each poll in that zeeting. Look closer and you'll notice that in the top right-hand corner of each thumbnail there is a grey checkbox:

  • Select the checkbox of the poll you want to edit and an "Edit" button will appear at the top of the screen. 

  • Select the Edit button.

  • You'll be taken to the poll editor - make your changes and hit "Save".

2. Alternatively, when viewing a poll in page view, you will see an "Edit" button hovering over the top right-hand corner of your poll and you'll be taken straight into the poll editor.

Pro tip: If you really really want to edit a poll that’s already been voted on, you can copy the whole poll and then edit the duplicate).

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