Before we jump into how to configure access to your zeeting, it's important to know the difference between a Presentation Link (or "Channel") and a Share Link.

  • Presentation Link: Your Presentation Link is where participants go when you're presenting live. It looks something like and can be found on the Present screen. This link is only live when you're actually presenting and will always show the particular presentation you're currently presenting. 

  • Share Link: Your Share Link is the permanent location of your zeeting. It's where people can go to access your zeeting anytime, even when you're not presenting. It looks something like and can be found on the Share screen. 

Now, onto the access control options...

Before being able to access your zeeting, whether during a live presentation or not, you can require participants to provide specific information:

  • Access Code (that you set)

  • Name

  • Email

Asking participants for their name will allow you to track attendance and how individual people respond to your polls. You can set this up in the Access section of the Settings screen.

When you're not presenting, people can access your zeeting by going to your Share Link.
In the Access section of the Settings screen, you can control the level of access that applies to this link: 

  • Public: Anyone with this link can access your zeeting.

  • Private: Only people you invite can access the zeeting. 

If you choose to make your zeeting 'invite only' or "Private", you can invite people on the Share screen - they will need to create a Zeetings account to verify they are in fact on the invite list.


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