The Preferences section of the Settings screen gives you control over the participant experience:

Set your zeeting such that when you present, your polls start off by displaying no votes (even if that poll had been voted on on a separate occasion). This is useful when you present the same zeeting multiple times or if you want to run a test presentation of a zeeting before your actual presentation and don't want your 'test votes' to impact the actual presentation.
A couple things to note - when you are not presenting, the poll/s will show the aggregate of all votes. Similarly, in the Responses section of Analytics, you will find the aggregate of all votes. By comparison, in the Presentations section of Analytics, you will find the votes cast during that particular presentation. This will allow you to compare poll responses across different groups of participants. 

Activity is where participants can post questions and comment. You can turn off Activity by unchecking 'Enable Activity for Participants'. This will hide Activity in this zeeting for participants.

Select "Keep posts private" if you would like questions and comments to be visible to you only. Even if you elect for posts to be private, you can make individual posts public at any time directly in Activity.

Finally, by default, your participants will be able to post anonymously. If you would like them to rather post as themselves, first select "Name" in the Access section and then deselect "Participants can post anonymously" in the Activity section under Preferences.

If you do not want participants of a zeeting to view other participants of that zeeting, unchecking 'Enable People for Participants' will hide People in this zeeting.

If you do not want participants of a zeeting to be able to take notes, unchecking 'Enable Notes for Participants' will hide Notes in this zeeting.


This section allows you to control whether participants in your live presentations are able to re-access your zeeting once your presentation is over. If you allow participants to save your zeeting, it will be added to their Zeetings account in their "Shared with me" folder. 

Participants will be required to create a Zeetings account if they would like to save a zeeting. 

Importantly, even if you give people ongoing access to your zeeting, you can always change your mind later and revoke their access on the Share screen.

When you're not presenting, participants that save your zeeting are notified via email of relevant activity happening in the zeeting such as new comments being posted. You are able to turn these notifications on and off in this section.

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