Zeetings can be configured in different ways depending on your needs. This section explains the different option on the Settings screen.

There are 3 sections on the Settings screen:


The General section shows how many people can participate in your zeeting and gives you quick access to upgrade your plan if you would like to increase your capacity. Learn more about increasing your capacity.

The Access section gives you control over who can access your zeeting when you're presenting and when you're not. In a nutshell, you can make your zeeting Public or Private (ie. invite only) and you can require participant provide information such as a access code and email address before joining in. Learn more about access controls.

The Preference section is all about controlling the participant experience. You can choose which aspects of Zeetings they have access to and things like whether they can re-access your zeeting after you deliver a live presentation. Learn more about preferences.

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