The Activity section of a zeeting is a space for you and your participants to have a conversation. Post questions and comments, reply to each other and, if anyone sees a post they think is interesting, they can "like" it. 

 The "likes" are your way of knowing which questions your participants most want answered. Activity is a great way of tapping into the minds of your participants and allowing everyones knowledge to be shared. It's all about creating an environment in which everyone can contribute to everyone else's experience. 

During live presentations, as a presenter, not only can you follow the conversation on your device, you can also send individual comments or questions up to the main screen using the "display" feature. This helps everyone in the room (and those tuning in remotely) to see exactly which post is being addressed at that point in time. 

Participants also love seeing their posts up on the big screen so definitely try this one out. You can also display all the questions and comments on the main screen as a live feed using the Activity Wall. 

Finally, using Activity is not limited to your live presentations. Participants viewing your zeetings at any time can post comments and questions so the conversation can continue. Whenever there's a new post, you'll be notified via email so you are able to jump in and respond. 

Activity is enabled by default for all zeetings but can be turned off in Settings. In Settings, you can also choose to make posts public or private.

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